Code Audit & System Review

YOTE Labs team will help you with troubles of any complexity level — from providing workarounds and hot fixes to security audit and application customization and enhancement. As an expert in custom software development and system architecture, we know code. We can review your legacy applications to mitigate risk and create more value.

Secure Source Code Auditing is an all-inclusive analysis and structured review of the source code of your network and applications, in order to reveal security vulnerabilities, errors or violations of safety rules that can lead to potential breaches of security. It ensures that the code contains efficient and appropriate security controls and also the software systems being developed are self-defending for the expected and unexpected.

Security code reviews are generally a good mix of human acumen and technology support. A security expert using the various analysis tools available, reconfirms the safety of the systems. While tools are best at assessing large amounts of code and conducting repetitive exercises, it takes a person to verify and determine the correctness of the test results. Reviewers during Secure Source Code Audits assess the significant blind spots which automated tools simply cannot point towards.

Our security experts provide you with a thorough report that details all of your existing source code deficiencies, as well as a list of solutions to prevent resulting vulnerabilities. We provide you with a core-competent security solution that protects you for the long run.

Source Code Review

Our security experts look for potential vulnerabilities, security functions performed on the client end, client-end access control, cryptographic functions, and details left by the developers using both manual and automated techniques.

Professional Manual Testing Approach

Our security experts use professional manual techniques, in contrast to other source code auditors applying purely automated techniques, in order to take a in-depth view into your source code and enable a complete and thorough review from top to bottom.

Stress Testing

Our security experts test your application for possible peak traffic conditions or our experts simulate a Denial of Service (DoS) attack and implement improvements.

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