QA & Testing

Keep your product fully functional with software testing services from YOTE Labs. Our top quality assurance and software testing services will help you guarantee the success of your software by controlling compliance with business goals, making development more efficient and assuring the quality of the solutions.

Testing is an integral part of any successful software project. Effective testing can be done in several ways – manually, with or without specific applications, or totally in automated mode. The choice depends on the aspect to test and the objective factors such as software type, size, and aim of testing. YOTE Labs offers quality control services as part of custom software development package and as an individual, post-development solution. Having a dedicated outsource partner for QA services frees up your in-house engineers and cuts down your expenses on trainings.

Get in touch with us and our QA specialists will help you define the most effective test type for each product and offer the optimal testing plan for your QA needs.

Automated Testing

Under time, stuff or budget pressure to manually test your product over and over again? YOTE Labs offers automated testing solutions allowing you to get fast and accurate results with less budget and time spent.

Why you need automated testing?

  • To handle time-consuming tasks.
  • To eliminate human error.
  • For advanced GUI testing.
  • To test load and performance.

Sounds attractive? There's even more:

  • Exclusion of human error factor;
  • Unattended automated test runs;
  • Reusability and flexibility of test scripts;
  • Wider test coverage;
  • More cost-efficient for larger projects;
  • Ability to execute tests constantly and simultaneously;
  • Improved software quality.

Manual Testing

Despite the broad coverage of automated testing, manual testing shall not be underestimated. Even though manual testing requires much effort, without it you cannot be sure that automation is possible. No matter how robust automated testing frameworks are, they still lack the capability to imitate user behavior. Manual testing handles more complicated use-case scenarios, simulates real user experience, and replicates easier user issues/bugs.

The cases where manual testing is better:

  • UI Acceptance;
  • Initial development stage;
  • Short-term projects;
  • Non-automated cases.

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