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Front-end and back-end development are two sides of one coin which is your website or mobile app. The former makes an app or page user-friendly, while the latter enables smooth operation of the whole system.

What do we offer?

Being one of the leading IT outsourcing destinations, Belarus has a range of advantages for hiring back-end developers. Belarusian pool of developers is huge, so you will face no problems with finding the needed seniority level and tech stack. It allows to significantly shorten recruitment time which means you will launch your project soon. High quality won’t cost you a fortune here as local back-end developers set reasonable rates for their work.

Technologies we use

Backend frameworks consist of tools and languages used in server-side programming in a web development environment. The key to successful web application development is choosing the right stack, understanding the server architecture apart from learning new databases and programming languages.

  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Django Django
  • Laravel Laravel
  • Laravel Express
  • Rails is a web-application framework written using the Ruby programming language and run on Linux. It offers developers a comfortable coding environment, with ease of compiling and testing. Thanks to the MVC architecture, developers can chip in with their piece of code for views or models in a concurrent environment.

    Ruby on Rails also allows a smooth transition from development and testing to the final stages of the development lifecycle. It has built-in security-related features and utilizes a set of plug-ins prior to the release of the application.

  • Django is a high-level Python web framework that provides a clean and pragmatic design to the database-driven websites. This open-source framework is based on the Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture, making it reusable and enabling components to plug-in seamlessly.

    Equipped with an optional interface to set user permissions, Django allows administrators to create, update, and delete users easily. The framework is known for its bundled applications, including a dynamic administrative interface and tools to generate Google sitemaps.

  • An open-source web application builder, Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern. It is a PHP framework for extensive backend web application development, which facilitates seamless connectivity with the backend. Laravel is well-equipped with command line tools and effective helper functions.

    This backend framework was initially introduced as an open-source PHP web framework in 2011. Laravel has become popular thanks to its database migration, blade templating engine, intuitive interface etc. The framework has built-in utilities to access relational databases powered by a modular packaging system.

  • A flexible and fast Node.JS web application development framework, Express offers a thin layer of fundamental web application features along with the core features of Node.JS. Express features ease the process of creating dynamic mobile applications. Many known Node.JS frameworks such as Bottr and ItemsAPI are built around Express.

    It is easy to create a robust API with an Express framework, thanks to the presence of a number of HTTP utility methods.

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